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Ghost Pepper – new addition to the 2012 Plant List at the Farm

Ghost Pepper


This hot pepper is needs a long growing season but last summer I did get a good drop from my plants on the deck. Ghost pepper is thin-walled with wrinkled pointed fruits 2-3” in length, ripening mostly to red. It is also known as the Bhut Jolokia and Cobra Pepper. It was confirmed by Guiness as the world’s hottest pepper with 1,001,304 Scoville Units, some say that this pepper is equivalent to 100 Jalapeno peppers. Use caution when growing and handling these peppers and wear gloves when handling.  Be sure to be very conservative when using this pepper in your recipes because of its heat.




Summer’s Projects – September 30

It’s been a busy summer of canning and preserving veggies. I love to make new things and this year the new item was Pickled Eggplant which has a nice spicy kick to it and is great served on bruschetta. It was the year of the suyo long cucumber and it went into relishes and bread and butter pickles. As you know it was not a good season for tomatoes as they were small and not as plentiful thanks to our cool weather and then the high heat and humidity. At the farm we had an early frost two weeks ago abruptly ending our veggie season. Already we are planning for next year.

Theresa and Jim’s  cupboard of tasty goodies

Theresa and Jim’s cupboard of tasty goodies

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