About Shady Acres

The Seeds of the Herb Farm and How it all Began

Herb Farm, Where to Buy Herb Plants, Herb Plants Garden Herbs, Theresa & Jim Mieseler, Shady Acres Herb FarmShady Acres Herb Farm was a dream of Jim and Theresa Mieseler that began in 1977 with the growth and sales of Minnesota wildflowers. The following year herbs were added since it was difficult to find herb plants in Minnesota in the late seventies. Collecting new varieties and propagating these plants to list for the future is a goal we have always had. The farm started with just one plant shelter and has grown to its present size with eight greenhouses, gardens and a gift shop with a classroom.

Our business strives for a personal touch with customer relations. We love growing herbs because of the variety of fragrances and the way herbs can enhance your life – whether it is fresh herbs in a favorite recipe or watching a butterfly or hummingbird in the herb garden. Lemon Verbena is a favorite of ours – breathing this deeply scented lemon herb will certainly perk anyone up. The fragrance almost drips from the lemon oils it contains. The farm is located just 45 minutes southwest of downtown Minneapolis in the rolling farmland of Carver County. It is a scenic drive and you can watch the seasons change as our neighbors turn the soil, plant spring crops and harvest corn, oats, beans, wheat and rye in the fall.

Whether you come to Shady Acres because you chose us upon deciding where to buy herb plants, or you just want to learn more about the farm, be sure to visit the herb gardens or stop by the gift shop. You will always be happily greeted by one of our friendly staff. They are there to answer questions and help you find your way around the greenhouses and gardens.

Our Plants

Herb plants are carefully labeled and grown in 3 1/2″ pots. Vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and cabbage, radicchio, lettuce and arugula are grown in large 4-packs for ease in transplanting.

Our Environmental Concerns

None of the plants grown at the Herb Farm are treated with any insecticide or fungicide. During the growing season, beneficial insects are shipped in to control any harmful insects that may arise. We have found that good air circulation keeps away any unwanted diseases in the greenhouses. In case of an outbreak of an insect that needs immediate attention, an insecticidal soap is used.

We grow our vegetables on the herb farm for our own use and especially enjoy making salsa, pickles, and sauerkraut. In the summer, we can whole tomatoes and juice, freeze corn and peppers, and dry herbs, tomatoes and peppers. In the fall, making herb vinegar and pesto is an annual event. We believe anything you grow is far better for your health than some of the produce available that is treated with too many chemicals. We hope you grow our garden herbs and vegetables and enjoy the fruits of your labor too.