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Learn. Plant. Grow.

Everything you need to know about gardening and using herbs

Theresa Mieseler, the co-founder of Shady Acres Herb Farm, is available for speaking engagements to garden clubs, master gardener groups, horticulture communities, and other interested groups. Please contact Theresa for pricing and more information.

Theresa has over 40 years of experience growing and using herbs. Over the years, Theresa has grown over 500 varieties of herbs and veggies and has taught many classes and workshops on gardening and using herbs.

She is a life member of the Herb Society of America and was honored to receive the Nancy Putnam Howard Award for Excellence in Horticulture in 2010 from the Herb Society of America. Theresa is also a member of the International Herb Association.


Theresa’s Gardening Classes & Presentations


Unusual, Interesting, and Uncommon Herbs to Enjoy

Perhaps you have thought about expanding and growing a plant that is new unique in your garden. While many of us grow herbs for flavor there are less common herbs or even a tropical plant that you can discover for fragrance as well!


Tasty Herbal and Soothing Drinks

Vinegar drinks such as oxymels, shrubs and switchels are a fun way to use your imagination to make tasty drinks with all kinds of fruits and herbs. Summertime is a perfect time to cool off with these tasty drinks. It is surprising to learn the botanical treasures that surround us to use in flavorful recipes.

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Creating a Habitat for Birds and Butterflies

Are birds and butterflies attracted to your yard or garden — would you like more? We’ll discuss flowers and herbs to select for habitat as well as care and light requirements.

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Container Gardening with Herbs

The container gardener is limited only by your imagination because even the smallest patio or balcony can reap a crop of herbs and edible flowers. Learn how you can add to your gardening season. We’ll discuss soil types, containers, when to fertilizer, sunlight, and watering.


Easy-to-Grow Herbs for a

Kitchen Garden

The lore of herbs is a fascinating journey around the globe. We’ll discuss buying tips and varieties to choose the seeds for the most flavorful herbs. Discover how to grow, dry, and preserve the harvest in seasonings, vinegars, mustards, butters and more.


Preserving the Summer Herbal Bounty

Harvesting isn’t just for fall ‒ it happens all season. Discover how and when to cut fresh herbs. Be encouraged to use them in your everyday cooking. We’ll discuss which is the best way to preserve herbs whether it be dried, fresh, or frozen.


Vegetables for Small Spaces – Containers and Planter Boxes

Growing your own vegetables is both fun and rewarding. Imagine the convenience of picking your own vegetables on your porch, patio, or balcony during the summer. Having them handy on the deck near the grill is a perfect way to dine.


Sweet Herbs to Grow and Enjoy

Herbs such as lemon verbena, lemon balm, chamomile, lemon thyme, and mint have an aromatic flavor and fragrance that triggers our senses. Growing them is a pleasure to smell but using them in the kitchen or aromatherapy is rewarding. Many are perennials, some are annuals and biennials ‒ we’ll discuss it all.

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Growing Your Own Heirloom Vegetables and Herbs

Heirloom herbs and vegetables are open pollinated varieties. Find them in peppers, kale, eggplant, squash, cucumber, lettuce, and herbs. Discover the flavor in heirloom varieties.

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