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For thousands of years, herbs have been used in many ways — in cooking, as medicines, or in perfumes.
When developing a garden plan, consider the space, the amount of sunlight, and whether container gardening would be appropriate. Winter is the perfect time to begin your garden plan as seed catalogs abound with selections for next spring.

Do you have an herb garden? Most herbs enjoy good soil, full sun and drainage. While many grow in the same conditions and may be planted together, there are exceptions. Always pay attention to each plant's requirements. If you have a kitchen garden, keep in mind that access to your herbs should be just as convenient as reaching into your cupboard. In other words, keep your kitchen garden as close as possible to the door near your kitchen. Compliment the herbs you already have with unusual herbs for fragrance and flowers.



There are easy ways to include herbs in a landscape design. Remember, a landscape design does not have to be formal. Just follow a few guidelines and choose your favorite herbs – ones you use the most. You can grow a generous supply of kitchen herbs in an amazingly small space. Add container herbs with tender perennials, and you’re on your way to a bountiful herb garden. Textures, leaf colors and flowers are all elements to keep in mind when creating a useful and colorful herb garden.



Growing is the best part! If you have a new garden space, prep the soil and remove any turf and weeds from the site. Amend this space with compost and dig it in well before planting. Obtain your plants, plant them and watch them grow – soon the harvest will begin!

After planting, water well until the rains begin; after that, water as needed. Wondering when to water your garden? Just poke your finger into the soil and dig down a few inches. If the soil is moist, don’t water. To promote healthy plant growth, fertilize occasionally with an organic fertilizer.


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